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Car rental at Klaipėda railway station

Easy to pick up: welcome in the parking lot of Klaipeda railway station.

tel. + 370 616 55336 el. E-mail: info@toprent.lt

Klaipeda office tel. no. +370 620 22922

Address: Priestočio st. 1, Klaipeda

About car rental in Klaipeda

About car rental in Klaipeda

Car hire in Klaipeda – for both locals and city guests who want to continue their trip or go to work in another city for city residents. There are really a number of reasons why you may need to rent a car: own a car at a service station and want to spend the weekend in nature. You can also rent a car for one day when, for example, you need to drive to a nearby city and other travel alternatives are too expensive or inconvenient. We also offer long-term rent in Klaipeda, that is, the car can be rented for a longer period, for example, a month or even longer at an attractive price. This type of car rental was especially popular with companies. The services offered by TopRent car and minibus rental company are short-term and long-term car rental (operating lease) for business and private individuals. Interested in renting a car at Palanga Airport or Vilnius Airport?

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